Lewis Career & Technical Education amendment included in bipartisan Air Traffic Control reform

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Washington, June 28, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressmen Jason Lewis (MN-02) issued the following statement after supporting HR 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act, as it passed the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today. The bill included Lewis’ amendment to further encourage Career and Technical Education (CTE), which passed with bipartisan backing:


“We took a big step forward today to modernizing flying and making life easier for families going on vacation and folks coming to MSP on business. The ATC system currently uses outdated equipment and paper slips where other countries use advanced GPS technology, and the federal government has spent billions trying to upgrade our navigation with little to show for it. The 21st Century AIRR Act will bring much-needed improvements; and alongside the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Air Line Pilots Association, and other major stakeholders who have endorsed the legislation, we’ll make sure we can be a world leader in aviation safety and innovation.


“I was also grateful for the unanimous support gained by my CTE amendment. When we identify the best practices for helping young people learn the right skills, we can better help them find well-paid careers while ensuring our aviation industry has the workforce they need.”


Background (courtesy of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee): H.R. 2997 is a six-year reauthorization of the FAA.  The bill also provides a number of important provisions and reforms to reduce red tape in the FAA’s certification process for aircraft and aviation products, improve the safety of air travel, improve the flying experience for consumers, foster innovation in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), fund the Nation’s airport infrastructure, and separate our antiquated air traffic control (ATC) service from the federal government and help finally modernize the system.

The text of Lewis’ CTE amendment can be found here.


The 21st Century AIRR Act will:

-          Cut Washington red tape so that our manufacturers can get products to market on time, stay competitive, and continue to employ millions of Americans.

-          Encourage American innovation in aviation technologies to promote a stronger American workforce.

-          Ensure that our airport infrastructure connects businesses and people to the world.

-          Provide a better flying experience from gate to gate.

-          Ensure access to the aviation system for everyone who depends on it – especially the Nation’s millions of general aviation users, and small and rural America.

-          Provide Americans with a safe, efficient, modern system that uses 21st century technology to ensure more on-time departures, more direct routes, and less time wasted on the tarmac.


For more information on the 21st Century AIRR Act, please visit here.




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