Lewis introduces first bill, REG Act, to increase government transparency

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Washington, January 12, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Jason Lewis (MN-02), issued the following statement after introducing his first bill, the Reforming Executive Guidance (REG) Act, H.R. 462:

‘Minnesotans need a government that is transparent and accountable to ‘We The People’. The REG Act takes agency guidance- often hundreds of pages on top of each rule and costing our economy over $100 billion- and simply subjects the guidance to Congressional review. By including the guidance that accompanies rules with a major economic impact, my bill will require government to be a better steward of your tax dollars and more open about the costs and benefits of each rule’.

Background: the REG Act tackles the problem of unaccountable bureaucratic rulemaking, which has been referred to as the 4th branch of government. When an agency promulgates a final rule or regulation, it accompanies this with guidance. Over the last several years, this guidance has stretched out to hundreds of pages per rule and had an economically significant impact. It is entirely appropriate that the elected representatives of the people are able to evaluate rules based on the accompanying guidance, and that’s what the REG Act would do.


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