Lewis: Let’s get immigration reform done

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Washington, June 25, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Congressman Jason Lewis (MN-02) issued the following statement in regard to immigration reform in the House.  

“Last fall, Congressional Democrats voted to shut down the government because they wanted a solution for the Dreamers.  And last week, Democrats voted against legislation which included a solution for the Dreamers. And this week, the House will vote again on immigration reform which includes a solution for Dreamers. Unfortunately, it appears Democrats will again vote against a solution for Dreamers.

“Confusing, eh?

“Unfortunately, it’s not confusing when you realize their support for the Dreamers has been a con game seeking not to solve the critical issues surrounding immigration, but an opportunity to ply for votes and as a weapon to yield in their unending fight against President Trump.  Most recently, that weapon has been the plight of children crossing the border illegally with their families.

“It is heart wrenching that children and families are separated--whether it’s at the border or when parents send their children alone on a trek to our border.  It was just as heart wrenching when the Obama administration separated families too.  I supported the President’s Executive Order ending the immediate separation. I supported legislation months ago that would have allowed families to be kept together. 

“This week, I plan to vote again on a fix to this issue—and a fix for the Dreamers as well. The legislation, known as the Compromise Bill, also includes important provisions that strengthen our border and increase our nation’s security by stemming the flow of guns and drugs which are pouring over our border and moves to long-overdue merit and skills-based system for visas.    

“It’s too bad the Dreamers can’t count on the Democrats support this week either.”

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