Lewis on Administration Budget- you don't save by spending more

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Washington, February 13, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Jason Lewis (MN-02) issued the following statement after the Administration released its Budget request:

“I look forward to thoroughly examining the President’s Budget Request with OMB Director Mulvaney in our Budget Committee hearing this week. While Director Mulvaney has proposed some good steps, including continuing reforming health care and incentivizing welfare to work, I continue to be very concerned with the topline levels of spending.

“While many in Congress pushed hard to break through the budget caps last week, and this budget reflects that, I will work to reduce our spending and debt. Fiscal responsibility is vital to our long term national security and the only way to leave a sound economy for our children.”

Background: The Trump Administration released their FY 2019 budget entitled Efficient, Effective, Accountable: An American Budget. It includes massive spending increases on both military and non-defense discretionary spending after Congress passed H.R. 1892, which included a budget deal breaking the 2011 Budget Control Act caps by $300 billion – a deal which Lewis opposed as fiscally irresponsible. Taxpayers will be providing $716 billion to the military alone.

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