Lewis: dinner menus could do without big-government

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Washington, February 6, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Jason Lewis (MN-02) issued the following statement after the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, H.R. 772, passed the House. Lewis is a cosponsor of this legislation:  

“We all want to make informed choices about what to eat, but there’s no need for government to penalize retailers who left the thousandth calorie count off a pizza menu. The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act will give certainty to restaurants and grocers while maintaining access to nutritional information. Bringing some clarity and straightforwardness back to menu labelling will preserve the variety we all want at dinner time, while still giving us the information we need to make good choices about our food.”

Background: The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act is a bipartisan bill providing flexibility for small businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers as to how they provide nutritional information. The current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are overly complex as well as difficult if not impossible to implement. The rule has been estimated to cost grocers alone $1 billion to implement, with 14.5 million hours of paperwork required across the entire industry. H.R. 772 makes common sense reforms to allow business to provide practical and usable information to their customers, for example via an online menu if they primarily deliver, while still ensuring consumers have access to the nutritional information they need.



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