Congressman Lewis serves on three committees in the House: the Budget, Education & the Workforce, and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees. He is proud to bring his ideas to these committees and serve alongside his colleagues during the 115th Congress.

The Congressman is honored to be the senior freshman Member on the House Budget Committee. This allows Congressman Lewis to play a role in returning fiscal responsibility to the government and tackling the $20 trillion national debt. The Budget Committee has been a standing committee in the House since 1974 and leads the process for Budget Reconciliation. This process enables the House and Senate to fast-track key reforms, for example in health care and our tax code.

Congressman Lewis’ experience as a third-generation business owner gives him the knowledge and experience to help develop common-sense solutions to improve the economy for all Americans. The Committee on Education & the Workforce was previously chaired by Second District Representative John Kline, and Congressman Lewis is looking forward to continuing that service and working to return education decisions to parents and teachers. This committee does important work in areas including early childhood through secondary education, higher education, workforce protection, and health, labor and pensions.

The Transportation & Infrastructure Committee has jurisdiction over all areas of transportation, on ground, air and sea, and major infrastructure such as pipelines and water systems. The Congressman understands the importance of efficient transportation and robust infrastructure in keeping American competitive on a global scale. Congressman Lewis is committed to practical solutions like widening highways to ease the traffic burden, making gas prices more affordable with crucial pipelines, and letting farmers manage their own land without being burdened by big-government rules. 

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